Friday, August 31, 2012


 Before addressing the WIMP issue, here are some of the goodies from the garden.
 The smaller tomatos are Early Girls and the larger ones are Beef Master.
 Killer dog Tilly told me this morning that there was a mouse in the desk drawer in the kitchen. I opened one drawer but no mouse. Tilly practically crawled into the drawer. I opened the bottom drawer and saw a flash of grey. I took a box out of the drawer and out jumped a mouse. It took off across the floor, I was screaming and doing the jive and Tilly caught the mouse in two seconds flat. I've never seen a dog move so fast. Heck, I've never seen ME move so fast!!!! Pa had a good laugh about that. Tilly didn't want to eat the mouse so I gave her a doggie snack and took the mouse out to the burn barrel. I was sure hoping that mouse wasn't playing dead when I carried him out. If it had wiggled one little bit, you'd find me outside dead of a heart attack.
 I finally got some pictures of my friend, Tom's baskets. He weaves them out of willow or some other branch. Then when he is done with that, he beads the entire thing. He's worked on this one for a year. He is a perfectionist and thinks nothing of tearing out a full inch of beads.
 Here are some others he's done in the past. I love his baskets and keep hinting I'd love to have one. He said he would teach me how to weave one. I know I would never have the patience to bead one.
 Here is a birthday card I made for my grand daughter, Sarah. I was planning on doing something girly but one of the frogs fell out of my stash so the rest is history.
 Now for the WIMP part. Pa went out to put up more fence and asked if I'd like to help. I said no.
 Then I thought, how hard can it be? So off I went, hat on head, water bottle at my side, gloves in my pocket.
 I helped pull the bottom wire tight, put on 3 clips, walked down the fence line to do more tightening and That's All Folks! I got light headed, woozy and hotter than heck even tho it was 80 degrees.
 Pa brought me back to the house to recuperate. I fixed him some breakfast and finally an hour later, I'm feeling a bit better. I've always had issues with the heat and sun. When I was a kid, my mom would take us to the beach once a week and she told me she would just get settled in and I would want to go home because I was so miserable. Neither of us at the time realized I didn't sweat. I'd just get so hot on the inside, I was like a boiler with no way to let off steam. Well, some things never change. That's why I feel so much better in the winter.
It took many years for Pa to understand my quirky little problem. He can work out side on the hottest day and not bat an eyelash. I still feel like I'm percolating on the inside. It will take hours for this feeling to go away unless I jump in the shower and cool off.
He and Wayne went to Show Low yesterday to get the last three rolls of wire we need and found a gate that Lowe's had on sale. It's a bit@@h having to wait till payday to buy supplies. But it sure beats having to go back to work!!!
Lawsey, I think I will go jump in the shower!


  1. Love the card you made for your daughter it turned out great

  2. your stories are always so fun to read .. thanks for sharing... I love it...the baskets are incredible and the card is great...stay cool...

  3. ROFL...You are just TOO cute!! I loved your adventures....and I'm like you with the mice!!!! LOL....

    I also wanted to THANK YOU for your comment on my blog and I had to giggle at your one comment...I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed the snarky comments!!! ROFL Have a blessed day ma'am!!! ;)